Co-capital exhibition

I am very happy to announce my new photographic exhibition together with photographer Kostis Argiriadis, named “Co-Capital” opening on Thursday 23.05.2024 at 20:00 at ESP gallery, Thessaloniki. As we are both graduates from E.S.P. Photography School, we are thrilled to show our work there curated by our teacher and mentor Manolis Skoufias. “Co-capital” is a collaborative photographic work which aims to provide commentary on our birthplace and current home, Thessaloniki. The color photos taken by me, interwine with the black and white photos taken by Kostis Argiriadis scrutinizing whether one of the city’s designated monikers, ‘Co-capital,’ accurately reflects its contemporary …


On Friday 17.03.23 I gave a speech at IEK ESP in Thessaloniki, where I presented all my work in the fields of photography, video, sound and photobooks from 2005 till now. I focused more on the creative process that I follow rather than showing you a “best of” my work and I really enjoyed that you came and paged through the dummies and the photobooks that I had brought. Thank so much for coming! ©MariaTolika ©Eleni Karathanasi ©Eleni Karathanasi ©Eleni Karathanasi ©MariaTolika ©MariaTolika