Being creative during lockdown

It’s been almost a month since Greece has been in the state of lockdown due to the pandemic of COVID-19. This new situation was a big shock to me and I am really worried about everyone losing his job or having to work at this so hard situation and of course about the victims which grow all over the world. As I stay at home with my son, I try to see the bright side of the lockdown simply by being creative. I suddenly found time to observe things more clearly and to work on my photographic plans which I could …

Making a dummy – Workshop with Eva Voutsaki

Few days ago, I had the chance to make a workshop with a photographer whose work I admire, Eva Voutsaki. The workshop was about making a photo-book (a dummy) from the early stage of collecting and editing photos, to the final stage of designing and finding ways to publish it. These were 3 days full of inspiration, imagination, fantasy, having nice talks and fun with all the people there. I am really glad I did it and feel full of photographic energy!