“Homes Sweet Homes” at Luminous Eye Zine #03

“Homes Sweet Homes” was published at the Luminous Eye Zine #03. Luminous Eye publishes online bimonthly Luminous Eye Zine which presents the trends of contemporary photography and hosts interesting photographic projects. You can have a look at it here and in the same issue you will find the very interesting portfolios of Eleni Rimantonaki, Maurizio Leonardi, Mary Michou.  

“Postcards that you would never send” at Luminous Eye “Invited Photographers”

“Postcards that you would never send” was featured at Luminous Eye website at the section of Invited Photographers. You can find the online presentation here . Luminous eye is a photography-focused art space, a collective project by Gerontakos Vassilis, Haris Kakarouhas, Evi Karagiannidi, Ekaterini Karanika and Pavlos Pavlidis which offers a wide range of activities including exhibitions, presentations, workshops, talks, publications, and collaborations with international photography galleries and photographers in a modern multipurpose environment  with a small café and an up-to-date selection of books and magazines for visitors to browse.