Band Photo Shoot: The Fog Ensemble

Last month I had a photo shoot of the music band “The Fog Ensemble” at my hometown, Thessaloniki, for their new album “Throbs”. I took some photos of them at my neighborhood, Depot, near the building of Allatini and behind the parking of Poseidonio. After some days, we had another photo shoot near that place, but at night. I was really happy for that collaboration, because these guys are really cool and their music is so dirty and strong! You can listen to their song “Lighthouse” from their album “Throbs” which is coming out by Inner Ear Records on the …

Video art for “The Fog Ensemble” ‘s album.

Inspired by the dark, haunting and dreamy music of “The Fog Ensemble”, I made 7 small video clips, one for every song of the album. The places I filmed include Thessaloniki, Karpathos, Leros, Brighton, Berlin and views from windows of trains and aeroplanes.