Solo exhibition at the 13th Kythera Photographic Encounters

My photographic series “Homes Sweet Homes”, which was awarded at the 12th Kythera Photographic Encounters, is being exhibited at “follow your art” gallery, in Kapsali, Kythera. You may have a look at some backstage shooting from the preparation, as well as during the day of the opening.

Emmet Gowin (1941 – )

Another American photographer who took some great pictures of his family in the sixties, is Emmet Gowin. You can read an article I wrote about his work here.

Rinko Kawauchi (1972-…)

Once I came across the square photos from Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi, I dived into a magical, poetic and serene universe. I wrote an article about her work here.

Anders Petersen (1944 – )

This Swedish photographer always impresses me with his strong, raw images. On June 2009, some months after I wrote this article about him, I followed a workshop with him in Thessaloniki!