From February 9 to April 30 I am taking part with 4 photographs in the exhibition “Down to Earth” -a collective proposal by the MOMus curators’ team- in the context of the 8th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art. The exhibition presents the works of contemporary Greek visual artists, who, through different means and perspectives, propose a show focused on the values and processes of the earth itself. Art returns to nature, attempting to contribute to the formation of new ways of thinking and being, in order to become a fertile field for an alternative view of the world and for a …

‘Looking for the Light’ in Athens

The exhibition “Looking for the Light” of Photometria Festival where I take part with my picture “The escape of Philoctetes” is presented at Melanithros art space in Athens till the 3rd of December. You may visit it from Tuesday to Friday from 17:30 – 21:00 and Saturdays from 11:00 – 14:30. Melanithros | Art Space Zappa 4, 11635 Kallimarmaro, Athens, Greece | QR Τ +30 2103636904 info@melanithros.gr l


I was really excited to take part in the 14th Photometria Festival this year in ‘Looking for the light’ exhibition judged by Martin Parr! 25 out of 1000 photos were selected and exhibited outdoors at Ioannina Town Hall. From my part, the photo that made it was a photo of my son taken at Philoctetes cave in the island of Lemnos back in 2017. Info of the exhibition: Ioannina City Hall (outdoor area) Duration: 24.9 – 28.10.2022 You may see some photos of the exhibition here!  


  I am really happy to be included in the 25 finalists among over 1000 submissions of “Looking for the Light” open call of Photometria International Festival in Ioannina. The judge was Martin Parr and my winning photo is one that I had taken in the cave of Philoctetes in Limnos, 2017. I will be very happy to see you on the weekend of 24-25/9 in the beautiful city of Ioannina and visit together lectures and exhibitions if you like!   “Looking for the Light”, Photometria Awards 2022   Participating:   Daria Tsygankova – “The dark knight”, Akis Pasalidis – “Untitled”, Noemi Comi …

A photo of MUNDUS as a Cassette cover

I am very happy when my photos are used in a way that I had never imagined before! This time, a photo of MUNDUS was used as a cassette cover for Savvas Metaxas album “Music for Dance Performance” which includes the music for the choreography/action ‘who knows where time goes – potential destination #1′. I really loved the trippy music, the playful pink tape and the happy octopus on it! You may listen to the music or buy the tape here: https://noise-below.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-dance-performance “Music for Dance Performance” Released June 17, 2022 / edition of 50 Music : Savvas Metaxas (www.savvasmetaxas.gr) Photography …

MUNDUS at Athens Photo Festival 2022 Photobook Exhibition

I am really excited that my photobook ‘MUNDUS” was selected for the Photobook Exhibition of Athens Photo Festival.It will be on display till the 24th of July 2022 at Benaki Museum, Athens, Pireos 138. The full list of selected photobooks is here: https://www.photofestival.gr/photobook-exhibition Days and hours that you can visit the exhibition: Thursday and Sunday: 10.00–18.00 Friday and Saturday: 10.00–22.00    

Group exhibition at The Curated Fridge in Boston

One of the coolest exhibitions that I am taking part is at “The Curated Fridge“, in Boston! Yes, exactly, the exhibition is in a kitchen, on a fridge in Boston! The idea is very simple: Every 3 months there is an open call with a certain theme and a guest curator selects the best pictures and “hangs” them on the fridge. The idea of the curated fridge was of Yorgos Efthymiadis in an attempt to celebrate fine art photography and connect photographers from around the world. I am taking part at the Spring 2022 Show themed “Interiors” and curated by …

The “Soundscape of a Lockdown in 2:30 minutes” at Momus-Museum of Contemporary Art

From Friday 15/4 till 25/09/22, I am taking part at the modular exhibition “Public Domain” at MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki with my audio work “The soundscape of a lockdown in 2:30 minutes”. The exhibition includes the works of art obtained within three years since the establishment of the Organisation of Momus-Museums either by donors or by purchases for the permanent collection of the Museum. The exhibition is focusing on the collective and communicative character of contemporary art, beyond thematic and conceptual interpretations. The attitudes of contemporary artists remain polyphonic and allow a multidimensional visual approach of our time …

Mundus at Open Book Day: ‘Inanimate dialogues / Let the things speak’ in Zoetrope – Athens

On the 16th of March 2022, Mundus was presented among 6 other photobooks, texts and materials in a very free and unique way in Zoetrope space, in Kypseli, Athens at the Open Day Book selection ‘Inanimate dialogues / Let the things speak’ by Benni Ciappini. Objects, materials, ruins, inanimate things have the power to communicate a story, both through their physical presence and characteristics, and their representation in art. They might not be able to speak the way we do, but they hide a power of communication and influence within themselves. Not in a human way, but in their own …

A review of MUNDUS by Ermis Kasapis

Ermis Kasapis has written a very insightful review of my book “MUNDUS” at the website “Τετράδια”, a site completely focused on the art of photography. You may read the review (in greek) here: