Sophia Tolika & Kostis Argyriadis

Published by the creators in collaboration with Zoetrope Athens

Edited by: Sophia Tolika & Kostis Argyriadis

Designed by: Yorgos Yatromanolakis & Kaja Theissen

Printed in Thessaloniki by: KEDA*PRESS, April 2024


14.0cm x 18.8cm, 44 pages

Edition of 250 (numbered)

Risography print in recycled paper Shiro Eco 120g


In their collaborative work ‘Co-capital,’ Sophia Tolika and Kostis Argyriadis aim to provide commentary through their lens on their birthplace and current home, Thessaloniki. Through their photos, they scrutinize whether one of the city’s designated monikers, ‘Co-capital,’ accurately reflects its contemporary portrayal.

The black-and-white and color photographs by the two creators intertwine with each other and with the city’s slogans, creating associative links with the history of the city while visually mirroring the torn, smudged, and detached posters commonly found on the gray walls of Thessaloniki.