Workshop on photobooks with Moritz Neumüller

Last week I found my self in Athens at Onassis Foundation (Στέγη Γραμμάτων και Τεχνών), where I followed the workshop of Moritz Neumüller about photobooks, (self-)publishing and visual narratives. People who also followed the workshop were photographers who were working on their projects, so we saw each other’s work and we had very interesting discussions and commenting about them. We also had a look at many photobooks that were published this year and took a lot inspiration by looking through them. Moritz was very friendly and helpful and we had interesting conversations about the art world today, the boom of the photobook, the different ways through we can tell a story and many more intersting things.

I showed pictures from a totally unpublished work which is comprised of photos taken from the underground world which is found at 22mbelow the surface of the street.

This workshop and this kind of working-together gave me a lot of inspiration as well as the strength to go on with my work in progress photo-series!

Photo by Irina Vosgerau
Photo by Irina Vosgerau
Photo by Irina Vosgerau





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