Together We Curate @ Momus Experimental Center for the Arts

After summer and just a few days before Thessaloniki went back into a new lockdown, I had the chance to take part at a collective curatorial project with artworks created during the suffocating lockdown atmosphere of March-May 2020.

The curatorial project was called “Together we curate” and the 23 curators with different backgrounds each (artists, museologists, lawyer,  engineer etc.) had a very creative collaboration for 35 days organizing the exhibition “Together, so far so close” at Momus Experimental Center for the Arts.

We had to choose among 460 pieces of art, set them in dialogue, find the central idea of the exhibition, organize the place into rooms with a coherent idea, find the appropriate texts and bibliography,  communicate with the artists and make the promo of the exhibition.

You may see photos of all this procedure here.

©Eleftheria Kalpenidou
©Nana Kantsa



©Eleftheria Kalpenidou


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