The Audio Work of Mundus

During all these years that I have been working at the underground worksites of Thessaloniki, I was collecting distant, unearthly or at times deafening sounds from this world which was in constant flux.

Finally, the dream I had of working with these sounds came true thanks to the collaboration of producer Anastasios Kokkinidis.

Kokkinidis used the photos of the book as an inspiration and the soundscapes that I had recorded on field as the raw material to make the following two acousmatic compositions:


  1. MUNDUS: How does it resonate? – Part One (11:32)
  2. MUNDUS: How does it resonate? – Part Two (04:09)


This audio work is another approach to the photobook ‘MUNDUS’ seeking to activate mostly the reader through the sense of hearing rather than that of sight.

It can be listened autonomously or while reading the book enriching its atmosphere and offering a more augmented narrative -or even a new one- of the book.

You may have a preview of this audio work here, but you may listen and download the full audio works by buying the MUNDUS Special Edition photobook.


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