Taking part in “Foinikas: A stroll in the city”

During the spring of 2019, three photographers (Yiannis Ioakeimidis, Aleka Tsironi, Michele Troiani) and I, were invited by Hercules Papaioannou to photograph the neighborhood of Foinikas in Thessaloniki. At the end, these photographs were edited by Mr. Papaioannou and the book “Foinikas: A stroll in the city” was published.

Every year 4 photographers are called to have a “stroll in the city”at a particular place and make its photographic “portrait”, so that gradually the city of Thessaloniki gets documented by contemporary photographers.

I really enjoyed taking part at this 8th issue, where I had the chance to explore this neighborhood and  discover interesting places to photograph.

One of these was the football stadium where the local team was playing every Sunday at the Amateur Championship. The football players as well as the fans were very simple and friendly. I also found intriguing the open space and of course the workers’ flats, which are the main characteristic of the place.

Hercules Papaioannou is a curator at The Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki (MOMus).

You can find this issue and all other issues of “A stroll in the city” at many bookshops and art places, as well as at the site of University Studio Press Editions.


©Yiannis Ioakeimidis
©Aleka Tsironi
©Michele Troiani
©Sophia Tolika
©Sophia Tolika



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