30 sec: Hidden
30 sec: Car Wash
30 sec: The decision
30sec: Nightdrive
30 sec: Ikaria
Nea Krene-Venizelou: This movie was filmed on the bus line 5, Nea Krene - Venizelou in Thessaloniki, Greece, using a small digital photo camera. It attempts to recreate the atmosphere in a bus, the self-conscious abolition of distance, the unselfconscious movements of the passengers, the stares to nowhere, that transitional state in space and time that often transpires in various transportation means and bus stops.
Video art for the Fog Ensemble's album: Inspired by the dark, haunting and dreamy music of “The Fog Ensemble”, I made 7 small video clips, one for every song of the album.
The places I filmed include Thessaloniki, Karpathos, Leros, Brighton, Berlin and views from windows of trains and aeroplanes.